I've never felt more comfortable and truly satisfied with my dental care! Thank you for taking time and committing yourselves to truly being advanced in the field of dentistry and thorough with your patients. Glad I made the switch!
Heidi LaBelle Watts

Dr. Herres is by far the best dentist that I have encountered during my time in the Navy. He showed genuine care for me as a patient and always had my best interests in mind. His professionalism and charisma combined with his technical expertise always put me at ease.
Sarah Kuehl, Norfolk VA

I got my first cavity ever at 29. I am terrified of needles and was scared to death to have the cavity filled. Imagine my surprise when not even the shot that delivered the numbing agent hurt! Not even a pinch! Dr. Herres was kind and compassionate and I was in and out quickly and never had any pain. The staff was also very personable and knowledgeable. I would recommend Wenger Dental and Dr. Herres and his team to anyone!
Karen Lund, Denver PA

Dr Herres is absolute amazing! Our little guy hated going to the Dentist. I was honestly afraid he would be the same why here, but he's NOT! Dr Herres made his experiences great ones and he's actually askin to go back. I admire his patients with my kids and the way he makes their visits here fun. Thank You Dr Herres.
Nicole Martin - Mount Joy PA

When I recently moved to Mount Joy I looked around most carefully for a really good dentist. I finally chose Dr. Wenger, and after several visits I am convinced his is a five-star dental practice. He is a class act, a pleasant, friendly, courteous man who cares for you as a person, not just as a patient. Moreover, he and his competent staff members are taking excellent care of my dental needs which have included a molar decay with gingivitis and they are always eager to provide good advice, answer your questions and keep you informed about procedures. In short, Dr. Wenger and his expert staff form the best dental team I have had in (gulp!) 82 years.
Bob Herber

One of the many things my family and I really appreciate is the detailedness of Dr. Wengers work. It's what keeps us coming back for the excellent care he provides. It's nice to discuss relationships with family and grandchildren. It's not just about dental work when you have a visit.
Leon Stoltzfus

Having not visited a dentist in many years, I got up the nerve to visit Dr. Wenger. He and his staff were very kind and gentle after I informed them that I had a fear of needles. My visit to his office has been very pleasant and I plan on continuing my dental treatment with him.
June Farr

A visit to the dentist can cause anxiety for many people. However, you will never experience an anxious moment at Wenger Dental. His highly qualified staff will make you feel relaxed the moment you enter the office. Their caring for the patient is quite obvious. They make sure you are comfortable during your stay and maintain a calm, relaxed atmosphere. You no longer need to fear going to the dentist.
Don Miller

Dr. Wenger is a great dentist. You will never leave in pain also he will make sure that you have a great smile. If you are new to the area or just looking for a great dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Wenger. Also his staff makes you feel like your at home! Great place to go!
Angie Henninger

All my life I have dreaded going to the dentist. My parents would have to practically drag me there. Now, coming here to see Dr. Wenger and his wonderful, caring staff, I have no dread at all. I actually kind of look forward to it.
Maryanne Shrowder

Dr. Wenger did a wonderful job on my teeth, and also I had absolutely no pain.

I was very pleased and satisfied with the results of my dental work at Wenger Dental. Their skill and care was a pleasant experience that was pain free and the results exceeded my expectations.
John M. Miller

Dr. Wenger and his staff have always treated myself and my family with excellent are. He is excellent at giving injections without really feeling them. All the staff make you feel at home and like you're part of their "dental" family.
Stacy Shireman

Dr. Wenger and his staff are always professional friendly and courteous. They take the time to explain what they going and always have a game plan to help you work into your budget. I love coming to the dentist! They have helped me to rediscover my smile.
Brian Kelso

I've been going to Wenger dental since my sister, Kriss, started working there some 15 plus years ago. I live in Lancaster and I never once minded the drive to get there because I know that I will always get great dental care. I tell everyone that anytime I have had to get Novocain that Dr. Wenger has a way that for some reason it doesn't hurt like other places I've been to before. I wanted to get my front tooth capped because it was discolored from an accident I had as a kid. Dr. Wenger knew I was really worried how it would look. I'm super picky and I really didn't want it to look fake! Well Dr. Wenger did a wonderful job and no one could ever tell it wasn't my real tooth.

The girls at the front desk are really helpful too! I hear nightmares from my co-workers how their dental offices make them fill out their own dental claim forms. Not once did the girls there ever make me do this even if they didn't except the insurance I had. If you ever had to fill one out you would appreciate this service. I would recommend Wenger Dental to anyone looking for a new dental office. They won't be disappointed.
Stephanie Zeamer

I've been to other dentist's in the past and Dr. Wenger is by far the best one... I feel more relaxed and believe he truely does care about you and your well being. I was impressed when I got a phone call from him to make sure I was ok after a tooth pulling. Thank you!

Dr. Wenger is the best dentist I have ever had. I had alot of very bad experiences, so i was kind of hesitant about coming here, but I'm glad i did. He and his whole staff really make you feel welcomed. I hardly feel any pain what so ever when I come here. Mostly no pain at all and that was my biggest fear. My whole mouth is in much better shape now thanks to him and his staff.
Sharon McCracken

I can't express how grateful i am for the same day service I received when i was in need of having a tooth pulled. Staff here are great and helpful. Would recommend Wenger's dentistry to people i know and love.
Pam Snyder

Dr. Wenger is extremely good with giving nearly painless injections. I barely felt a tiny "prick" when the needle went in and before I knew it, it was over! Thank you Dr. Wenger and your staff for making the visit a painless one.
Tim Good

I appreciate the time the doctor spends on making sure the needle doesn't hurt. I have had many needles and I know it is the time and care and not hurrying through a job. It is not fun to go to the dentist so you want your time to be as painless as possible. Thank You!
Cathy Myles

This is the first time I've ever had a filling that didn't hurt! Keep up the good work!
Marge Brosius

For a two year period, our family visited another dental office. When I discovered that I needed major repair, I quickly returned to Dr. Wengers office. I needed a dentist I could trust. Our family of four attends here regularly and greatly appreciates the friendly, professional service and care. Treatment is not random or unnecessary. It seems appropriate and careful. Dr.Wenger is a fine dentist, paying close attention to detail. He seems to be a perfectionist when it comes to teeth; a great dentist!
Beth S.

I love coming here to have my dental work done; everyone is so nice and comforting. I have had some bad dental experiences in the past but Dr. Wenger and his staff has helped me overcome my fears.

Dr Wenger - No pain is my gain! Thank you to you and your staff for taking great care of your wimpier patients!
Amy M.

I will recommend Dr. Wenger and his staff anytime I can. I was never taken to a dentist. By the age of 23 I had to have all my upper teeth extracted and some lower teeth as well. All these years I feared going to the dentist. Finally I took a bold step, and called Dr. Wengers office. Everyone is super and Dr. Wenger is great! I must say when he injects you it is pain free. If you have any fears of the dentist call Dr. Hugh Wengers office. By the way I'm in my mid 60's and I am sorry I didn't take care of my remaining teeth sooner!

My family has been coming here for a long time. At one point due to insurance purposes I made a decision to try another. Unfortunately big mistake! I felt like a number in an assembly line. Anyway, my family will continue to come here due to the friendly staff and Dr. Wenger's professionalism and advice. Thanks!
The Lightner family

I have been coming to Dr. Wenger's office for quite a long while. I especially enjoy coming to see the staff since I feel like I'm part of the "family". They are caring not only by the way they do their work but by how they remember little personal things about me that I've shared with them. It sure makes my visit to the dentist more enjoyable.
Janet B.

No one looks forward to going to the dentist but staff is always pleasant and accommodating, the setting is clean, tidy with the latest technology. Dr. Wenger is friendly, kind and always shows an interest in me as a person and inquires about extended family. He takes time to listen and attempts to make the sessions as pleasant and painless as possible.
Charlotte L.

I get better care here than I ever got anywhere. I should have come here years ago. I probably wouldn't have all the problems I have now if I had come here first.
Merv M.

I really enjoy coming here because everyone is so pleasant and nice. Always cheerful. That's why I'm still coming here.

I never gave much thought to the way my smile looked; I was satisfied with my smile and didn't plan to make any changes. That was until my wife started seeing Dr. Wenger to have some cosmetic dentistry done on her smile. The more work my wife had done, the more I thought about my smile. Finally, my wife said I should have the work done. She kept telling me that I would be happy with the result. After the periodontist told me I looked like a Jack-o-Lantern, I scheduled an appointment to see what Dr. Wenger could do for me. The day I had the final appointment I walked out of Dr. Wenger's office with the biggest smile anyone has ever seen. I was so pleased with the result (my wife was right again!); I can't believe I waited so long to have cosmetic dentistry. Now I feel I can smile at the whole world and not feel self conscious about my smile. Dr. Wenger and his well-trained friendly staff have made me a happy, happy man.
Jerry I.

Over the years, I have done quite a bit of cosmetic dentistry, either through necessity or because I wanted to look better. Dr. Wenger has always given me the best dental care and I have never been disappointed with the results. I look so much younger and I love to smile at people so they can see my beautiful teeth, not many women over 60 can say that. I even convinced my husband to have work done at Dr. Wenger's office and we are both so pleased. My husband jokingly tells people I carry a stick to beat off the women after they see his smile. Would we recommend Dr. Wenger and his office to other people, you bet we would and we do.
Ruth I.

If going to the dentist can be fun, it is because of Dr. Wenger's pleasant attitude, caring treatment and professionalism. He is committed to true patient care, but always has time to discuss family, events, etc. Dr. Wenger is truly a professional with concern for his patients.
Terry B.

I have been under the care of Dr. Wenger for over 28 years. My teeth have a high caries index requiring continual care to preserve them. Dr. Wenger has given me great council and treatment which have saved my teeth over the many years. He has kept up with the rapid changing technology which gives me the satisfaction that I am receiving the latest and best procedures available. I would recommend his and his associates care to anyone especially those with serious dental maintenance
Bill C.

Why do I travel 172 miles every 6 months for dental appointments? Because Dr. Wenger and his staff are very professional and give excellent dental care. Before Dr. Wenger became my dentist, those visits were dreaded and traumatic. Thank you, Dr. Wenger. You are the best!
Helen G.

The staff at Wenger Dental are professional, kind and very caring to patients. I highly recommend them.
Jack M.

Dr. Wenger helped me when "TMJ" was a "catch phrase" and I was having problems with pain. My previous provider wanted me to do surgery, but Dr. Wenger felt that re-training my nighttime clenching habit would give me relief. He was right! I've always remembered that and it has built tremendous trust for him and his staff

I want to thank you for doing such a beautiful job on my crowns. It has definitely changed the way I feel about myself. From day one, your professionalism and competence was obvious. I knew then that my teeth would be in the best hands. I have visited many dental offices in the past; however, none can compare to the warmth and genuine concern displayed by you and your staff. I actually look forward to my next visit. You've given me a smile I am proud to show off and I sincerely thank you!
Helene W.

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Wengers for over twelve years. My husband and I have never had a complaint about Dr. Wenger's work. The staff is especially good at dealing with my children. They actually get excited about coming to their appointments.
Caty R.

You are the best! You have completely restored my faith in dentistry. In fact, you did that a long time ago. We have been through a lot; crowns, bridges, fillings, extractions and I will still be with you when there is nothing left to do. Thank you for everything you have done for all of my family through the years.
Joyce M.

I was always terrified of the dentist because of some bad experiences when I was younger. Going to the dentist meant pain. I saw an advertisement for Dr. Wenger that said he strives for "no pain" dentistry, plus he whitens teeth, and I wanted that very much. From my first visit on, there was no pain. I even had to have 3 teeth pulled and several filled. I never felt the novocain shots, and I had no pain after the numbness went away. Thank you to everyone at Dr. Wenger's office too.
Kathy D.

I want to share my experience at Dr. Wenger's office. I haven't been to a dentist for several years. Mostly due to the fact that I have gum exposure and consequently my gums and/or teeth are extremely sensitive. Even though I/ve gone through two natural births, a c-section and several sinus surgeries, the dentist is still, or was my least favorite. My daughter who is an assistant here suggested I try Fluoridex tooth paste. I noticed a difference in just a couple of days. A lot of my sensitivity was gone. I expected to have the hygienist put something on my gums to numb my gums and or sensitivity. To everyone's surprise I didn't need anything. The Fluoridex worked exceptionally well. The fear of going to the dentist is gone. Stephanie was extremely gentle, yet thorough. Thank you! The dental assistant was also very gentle, knowledgeable and aware of my fears and talked me through everything. I am impressed with your office and my overall experience. Thank you!
Margie K.

Dr. Wenger is the first dentist I felt completely at ease with. I would highly recommend him.
Connie Q.

I called with a broken tooth and Dr. Wenger's office saw me the same day, and told me to come in right away. He fixed my tooth temporarily until I was able to come back and have the tooth completed. I really appreciate that a lot.
Vera B.

Dr Wenger and his staff are the best! From the start of my Novocain until my procedure is finished I never feel any pain. This is the first time ever that I am no longer afraid to go to the dentist. I used to worry days in advance but no more! Thanks all.
Tammy D.

I worked as one of Dr. Wengers dental assistants for 4 years and I only left because I moved to northern Virginia. I continue to travel 3 hours to Dr. Wengers for my regular cleanings and exams because he is such an excellent dentist. He is a perfectionist and really takes the extra time to make sure the procedures are done correctly. He stays current with new dental techniques and materials through literature and continuing education, so I always feel in the best of hands. I would highly recommend Dr. Wenger to any of my family and friends, Oh, I should mention that 2 of my sister's (who also live in northern Virginia) have been traveling to Dr. Wenger for the last 2 - 3 years for their dental needs. I truly value and respect his work. Thank you Dr. Wenger!

Dr. Wenger, If memory serves us correctly we are celebrating our 30th anniversary about now! Erv and I have been your patiets since 1981 and we appreciate your services. Happy anniversary to the three of us!
Erv and Jean Weaver

Dr Wenger and his staff were wonderful. His empathy and soft spokeneness answered my most ridiculous questions. The visit was remarkable. he gives injections without one ouch! Kristy is a doll and adds to the overall pleasantness. I was in good hands throughout the entire appointment. Thank you. I would recommend Dr. Wenger to friends and family.
Catherine Lancaster