Dentures: Bringing back a youthful smile

Why dentures and not implants?

*Surrounding bone is not thick or dense enough to support implants

*Medically compromised patients in which placement of implants is not possible

*Patients that lack the coordination to maintain proper oral hygiene

Restoring a healthy smile

Let's face it. Sometimes teeth and the surrounding tissue become so damaged from age, poor hygiene, or trauma that there is no way to fix them. That doesn't mean that a healthy mouth is out of reach. By extracting sick teeth and fitting for dentures, we can quickly restore health to the mouth and improve appearance.

How can I get my denture to fit better?

We can selectively place implants into a jaw with no remaining teeth and use the posts to act as retaining clips for a denture. After doing so, the bulkier parts of the denture can be trimmed away leaving the patient far more comfortable eating, chewing and speaking. It has literally changed the lives of a number of our patients.